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360 Software recognizes that software development is an art and science as well as an engineering discipline. We are dedicated to following well-proven, industry-standard, software engineering principles. While our innovation and creativity are important for developing superior solutions, we consistently reuse proven processes and patterns in each stage of the software development lifecycle. The use of mature, stable software development discipline is proven to yield repeatable processes that translate into greatly reduced errors and reliable delivery against schedule and budget constraints.

360 Software Embraces a Common Approach to Software Engineering

360 Software’s Common Approach to Software Engineering is an extensive set of process and practice guidance that drives our employees toward continuous process improvement, resulting in more reliable and higher-quality software. Our process incorporates implementation and tailoring guidance promoting close relationships with our clients.

360’s philosophy and dedication allows us to deliver value-driven software characterized by:

  • High quality
  • Less defects
  • Predictable schedules and price
  • Less re-work and more re-use
  • Qualified software engineers

We offer our customers a "best practices" approach founded upon leading industry standards, the right mix of skilled engineers, and technological know-how.

360 Software's Commitment to a Common Approach is Your Guarantee

Our customers are the beneficiaries of our unmatched commitment to our software engineering principals. Our software development, maintenance, and outsourcing customers rely on 360’s sustained track record of delivering high-quality, state-of-the-art software projects on time and within budget.

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